Source Has Already Produced Everything!

As true a statement as any: I am not a religious person, but I also am no atheist. And yet, everything I see around me, whether it is part of consensus reality or imaginary realms, is part of Nature. So we humans are less in that we only transform the things in our world to new forms, and we have always been doing so. But our methods are creatively evolving, and we shift from manual labor through tool use to ever more sophisticated tools, even to the point that we can now create shapes in cyberspace totally, before manifesting them in the physical world with one single command!

Yeah, that’s called 3D printing! And the evolution of our tools now rides the exponential evolution that is the expression of Moore’s Law, because everything working with computers will become better at an ever increasing pace! Quantum computers are still a very young field, and AI is still mostly being used to scare humans into thought of becoming obsolete, but having seen what I have in the last 17 years or so makes me excited to be living at this time. Especially since we will be making far more progress with the help of Source…

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