Life = Creation

Some people think that Creation, like Life, is a finite event. Nothing could be more beside the truth! Even when we die, the process of decomposition brings in totally new lifeforms which are very talented at transforming a deceased body into nutrients and useful chemicals which form the basis of new life.

Even this new weblog, which was “created” on March 17th 2021, is an ongoing event of creation, transformation, and distribution of information. I don’t distribute knowledge IMHO, because knowledge to me is what YOU create from the information you absorb and the knowledge you have already acquired.

So to live my creative side of life, I’ve added this weblog as a more ‘conventional’ manner of information dissemination. The topic? Anything I see happening around me which I think will lead to a better world!

Moorelife, a.k.a.
André Slabber

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