Wallace D. Wattle’s World

You may shrug at the title of this book, but it is far less ‘greedy’ than the title makes it seem! Actually, it is a type of pragmatic writing about the way Nature works, and how ancient Vedic wisdom and the works of Hegel and Emerson translate into a common sense approach to how to live, and even why it makes total sense that even the less popular humans have their role in creation.

This book from 1908 clearly lays out the how and what of sustainable growth, and is one of a trilogy, along with “the Science of Being Great” and “the Science of Getting Well”. Being Rich is not strictly having much money, since money is a mere tool of distributing wealth in Wallace’s view. It is far more a case of ‘More Life’ as he calls it, or more precisely:

“More Life To All, and Less to None!”

I found it intriguing to see how I intuitively claimed moorelife.nl back in 2004, and only came across this book SEVENTEEN years later, in the time when Q and Trump and the Patriots are making this a better world! Even better, the book filled in a few blanks for me, that I hadn’t realized for myself yet.

In case you would want to listen to the book, I added it to the right side menu…

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