Q is for Quality Life!

Those who base their world view on main stream media will have a terribly skewed view of the Q phenomenon. CNN, ABC, MSNBC and others have been painting Q and what they call QANON as a “domestic terrorism”. But if you look at the above Q post, is this an act of terrorism? And as the patriots say: QANON is fake, there is only Q (a single entity) and loads of Anons, which are merely people who appreciate Q’s posts and use them to understand their reality better.

Q has been posting from 2017 (Yeah, Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet) originally on 4chan. Over time, several sites have been collecting the posts, and redistributing them via alternate sites. One of these is https://qanon.pub/, my favorite site to check out Q’s writings. The 4953 posts to date are highly entangled, and many past posts connects to currently ongoing events. They are meant to educate the public, and have in the past four years awoken many people both inside and outside the USA.

But there is a clear way of connecting the dots, which became clear when the Q clock was introduced:

Worldwide, patriots and digital soldiers are using the info, and are waking up more people. And the plan is such, that even the puppet president Joe Biden is waking up droves of people during his ‘reign’, by undoing Trump’s actions, and basically showing the people that whatever he promised them, they are not going to get it.

Yeah, the world looks like total chaos now, but there is a method to this madness. The plan took many years to perfect, but timing and optics are of the essence. Trump may have been underground for a while, but he did what needed to be done already. The rest is up to the other team members, who will clean up the mess and usher in a new and better world!

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