the New Heroes

Another quiet Saturday morning, all by myself at home. The others left, and I’m listening to one of my new heroes, Dave of the X22 Report. Episode 2431a is on now, and as always, it clearly connects the dots in today’s US (and global) landscape. Dave has been on this since 2014 and I love the way he connects common sense to economic and political events. Just have a look at

Once I’m done with Dave, I continue with Charlie Ward, who has a more ‘out there’ view on things. Dave will sound OK to non-awake people, who mainly believe what the main stream media tell them. Charlie continues where Dave ends, and he has been gathering over ten million followers in the last few years. Charlie was involved in moving wealth for the ultra-rich, and he has seen many things that give us a great insight in what is currently being dismantled. His videos can be found for free at

Of course there are many more of these positive influences which shape today’s world, but I will leave you something to discover for yourself. Charlie’s videos will showcase many of the other good people who a here for a better world!

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