moorelife.nl came into being in 2004, and has always been a creative outlet right from the start. It started with a simple HTML4 handcoded site, containing pages about persons, movies, music and other things I liked and found important to write about. After I started writing books, those were made downloadable too, as free PDFs.

But an idea came to me when I started making so-called Acrosstics. I wished to display them in a way that would enable me to crosslink them with others, so that visitor could jump from one to the next in routes they found meaningful. So I developed a Python 3 program that would scan the folder of images, and create base stories for them, and would generate the entire structure of the site from that.

It was later extended to also generate more info based on the stories I wrote to accompany the Acrosstics, so I could more easily include the hyperlinks to other stories.

The latest addition is the fact I also added SevenSphere pages to the site, another piece of language art I consider ‘my niche’